Defend the galaxy using the dense hull of your ship in this mashup of Breakout and Galaga. Cosmikrieg is a flash game developed in conjuction with David Seagal, a fellow UCSC student that is currently entered in a flash competition at Indiepub.com

Bacteriophage returns in a whole new way! While it is still a work in progress, I am currently working with David Segal to port the game to flash with a variety of new features and expanded gameplay.

Avoid the pull of darkness as you traverse engaging puzzles to try and find your way to freedom. Penumbra is a Playstation 3 game developed by students from the UCSC Game Lab. I served as art director and enviromental arist, desiging and creating levels and worlds to give life to the game.

Originally conceived for the 2008 TIGSource.com 'Bootleg Demake' competition, Gang Garrison 2 is a free multiplayer 'demake' of Valve's Team Fortress 2 created in collaboration with programmer MedO. Since it's initial inception, the game has been released as open-source and development has been continued online by capable contributers from all over the world. I created all the original art for the original build of the game and continue to contribute art and ideas for ongoing new updates.

Musket Loads is a 2-player musket loading simulator. Its a very short and silly game that I made on a whim during my winter vacation. It is one of many mini-games I try to create on a regular basis to keep myself activly working on new projects.

This game was created for the Experimental Gameplay Project's September 2009 theme, Failure. The EGP is a loosely affiliated group of independant game developers who seek to create a new game every month on a given theme. In this game you play a damaged spaceship re-entering a terrestrial atmosphere. Your ship is beyond repair but perhaps if you can avoid the hot-spots you just might survive the terrifying and unpleasant ordeal.

Play as a virus on a mission to reproduce! Infect living cells to destroy an organism and propagate your species. Bacteriophage is a chain-reaction game set in a living body. Bacteriophage is the first game I ever made, it was created for an introductory Game Design course at UCSC and went on to place third in the class-wide game competition.

Zatikon is a free turn based multiplayer tactics game developed by local game company Chronic Logic. I spent a year as an intern creating art for new Zatikon units which made there way into the game in the Crusades and Legions expansion packs.